MiggsCreations Fursuit Washing Instructions


  • First thing first, fursuits are wearable art. Art can be delicate at times. Know that seam rips and damage is inevitable- but also know that with proper care, a fursuit can last a lot longer!

  • DO NOT APPLY ANY HEAT TO YOUR FURSUIT. I will repeat this several times. Do not leave your fursuit anywhere hot (like a car) for extended periods. The fur will become heat damaged and that is irreversible!

  • ALWAYS use COLD water. NEVER hot or even warm (to be safe). Heat can irreversibly damage your fursuit! Always store it in a cool, dry place when not wearing it.

  • NO part of your fursuit can go into a dryer. Fan dry only!

  • When putting parts in the washer, always put it on DELICATE. The agitator could rip your fursuit!

  • Always use a slicker brush and brush the direction the fur is going. If brushed the wrong way, the fur can get matted, frizzy, and overall unappealing to look at.

  • Brush your fursuit often! If left neglected, the fur can become matted and/or frizzy. Brush after every wear, cleaning, and every so often even if you’re not using it.

  • If there is felt on your suit, try to avoid brushing it or it will “pill” and become unappealing.

  • Fursuit spray is great. You don’t have to deep clean after every wear, but you do have to disinfect with fursuit spray of some sort to kill bacteria.

  • You can buy fursuit spray on Etsy or at conventions usually- or make it yourself! The recipe is: ½ water, ½ 50% isopropyl alcohol, and essential oils of choice (for scent). USE NO DYES WHATSOEVER. Then put it in a spray bottle of some kind!


  • If your fursuit has electronics (LED eyes, cooling fan, etc.), you may not wash it with water or soak it. You can only use fursuit spray or a Little Green Machine (on the inside)! (~$100 from Walmart. Handheld carpet cleaner essentially)

  • If your fursuit head has bendable ears, do not soak the ears. The wires that make them bendable could rust!

  • Your fursuit head cannot go into the washing machine

  • You must wash your fursuit head using the tub method. This method is when you fill the tub full of cold water, add a splash of detergent, and then soak the fursuit head and brush the fursuit while it’s in the tub.

  • Before putting the fursuit in, put rags in the eyes to protect the paint on them.

  • Do not soak for very long. Rinse the fursuit out, then put the head in front of a fan on high- with the fan pointing into the head to start.

  • Brush the fursuit immediately after taking it out, then every few hours after that. Rotate it every few hours as well so every part of it gets dry.


  • Fursuit hands can go into the washing machine on cold and delicate only.

  • To wash the hands in a machine, I recommend getting a laundry bag. If you don’t have one, turn the paws inside out.

  • To dry, place the hands with the open end facing the fan. Brush them immediately after taking them out of the machine and let them dry completely in front of the fan.

  • They cannot go into the dryer whatsoever.

  • Alternatively, you can use the tub method (mentioned in the head and feet section)


  • Feet can only be washed using the tub method.

  • Fill a bathtub full of cold water, put a splash of detergent, and soak the feet in the tub while brushing in the detergent with a brush. Do not soak for too terribly long, though.

  • Rinse the detergent off, then brush the feet again and put in front of a fan, with the fan pointing at the inside of the feet to start.

  • Brush the feet every few hours as they dry, and rotate them so the fan is drying a different area every few hours as well.

  • If you have indoor digitigrade feetpaws, they will take a lot longer to dry. Point a fan at them for a long time, and make absolutely sure they are dry before taking them away from the fan.


  • Your tail can either be washed using a washing machine on cold and delicate, or the tub method (mentioned in the head and feet sections)

  • If washing using a washing machine, I recommend getting a laundry bag to put it in since the tail cannot be turned inside out

  • Once out of the machine or tub, brush it thoroughly and put it in front of a fan. It cannot go into a dryer.

  • Brush and rotate the tail every few hours as it dries.

Bodysuit (and Arm/Leg Sleeves)

  • Your bodysuit can either be washed in a machine, or washed using the tub method (mentioned in the head and feet sections).

  • If washed in a machine, turn the suit inside out and remove the padding (if applicable). Put it on cold and delicate.

  • Once done washing, turn the suit back right-side out and brush it. Hang the suit on something (like the back of a door or a rack of some kind), and point a fan at it on high.

  • Brush the suit every few hours and turn it every few hours as well as it dries.

  • If you have padding, put the padding in front of the fan as well to dry.

  • The same above is true for arm and/or leg sleeves.

Useful Tools

  • Slicker Brush. This is a need. In order to keep your suit nice, you NEED to brush it regularly. These can be bought online, or in any pet section of a store.

  • Laundry Bag. These are useful for washing small parts like hands, so you don’t need to turn them inside out!

  • Little Green Machine. This is a handheld carpet cleaner and can be used to wash every single fursuit part you have as an alternative to the tub and washing machine method. Put normal laundry detergent in it (NOT the harsh cleaner they provide with the machine). They run around $100 at Walmart! Make sure to get the NOT heated version as well.